Website Hosting


A web presence will help you to grow your business and we can help you establish one! We'll help you to acquire a domain name or help you to redirect your existing name to your new, improved website.

We have the experience developing and hosting your organization's website and email services. Our starter package helps you hit the ground running and our annual support package will keep your IT infrastructure humming like a well oiled machine.

As your business grows and evolves, we will be there to help you change with additional services geared to enhance your productivity and market presence.


    Starter Package, Non Interactive Site - $600

This is a simple web presence much like this one. You can use this type of website to advertise services and provide contact information.
We will

  • Design and build your new website presence
  • Host your new website on our servers for one year
  • Create up to 10 email accounts for your organization
  • Tweak your site stats so that your Google rankings improve

    Starter Package, Interactive Site

If your organization needs a more sophisticated website, we can build it! Depending on the level of complexity, the solution could go as far as building an admin portal, enabling you to sell products online and the ability to collect and process payments for merchandise sold. Other non-interactive features can be added as well.

  • Same features as a non-interactive site
  • We help you to design and build an interactive experience designed to take your company to the next level. We build each custom feature by quote so there are no hidden surprises.

    Annual Support Package - $150/yr

  • Maintenance of your organization's email accounts
  • Hosting your website on our servers

    Additional services

  • Extra email accounts ($5 per account/yr)
  • Technical assistance ($80/hr)